NON-PROFIT CONSULTING: Creative Connections

As a creative person, I am often awake at night. 

Some of my best ideas come to me while I am sleeping. Sometimes waking up from a dream, I write down some of my thoughts and ideas, and go back to sleep.  

Rolling around trying to settle my body, my mind is running wild, firing off ideas, emotions, dreams, and visions for what "could be". Repositioning myself to get comfortable, I know I need to get to sleep but I am compelled to put these ideas to paper. The act of doing so releases the idea into a safe space. Within my mind I am afraid it will disappear, I will forget, and the vision will evaporate. When I put it to paper, my body relaxes, the idea has been safely stored away.  

I think I might be on to something.

I have a vision that I can't break away from and I've decided that it's time to put a name to this vision:

Creative Connections

Creating sustainable staffing and funding solutions for small businesses and non-profits through mutually beneficial community-based partnerships. 

One of the biggest challenges small businesses and smaller non-profit organizations face is the turn over of quality staff and employees. Relationships and consistency matter for small businesses who need to increase their profit, make more revenue, increase visibility in their community and obtain a loyal and consistent customer, client, and consumer base. Likewise, Non-profits aim to carry out their missions, make a positive impact in the communities they work in, and strive to continue to successfully deliver programs, services, etc. even when funding is scarce. 

Many workers for both, small businesses and non-profits are part time, seasonal, and often temporary positions. The conditions are not sustainable for a worker and eventually the worker is forced to find a higher paying position, or more hours, elsewhere. Rarely, is it possible to find a perfect fit for an individual to pair two part time jobs together that compliment one another. Typically, schedules conflict, hours may run long, and the individual burns out or they are at risk of losing one, if not both, positions.  

Staff turnover undermines the mission and goals of any organization.

Creative Connections is offering a solution.

Creative Connections works with small businesses and non-profit organizations located in the same community to create sustainable partnerships with the goal to retain quality employees. Through a partnership, both parties can offer livable wages, steady schedules, growth opportunities for staff, and positively impact their mission.

The benefits for a for-profit business are increased visibility in the community resulting in more customers, clients, or consumers. The conscious consumer is looking to give their business to local businesses that give back to the community. Social Responsibility is not just a trend, it is a way of life. When businesses invest in the success of their local community, they will see a return on their investment. Whether they attract a new customer base, retain and recruit quality employees, or create new opportunities through collaboration, it is beneficial for the for-profit business to support local non-profit agencies in their work.

Likewise, increased visibility for the non-profit can present more opportunities to connect with potential funding sources and investors. In addition, Creative Connections can help to minimize overhead costs, and effectively use space. Small community based non-profits do not have access to affordable spaces for programs, events, meetings, and many workers work remotely. This also contributes to turnover. Through a partnership with a local businesses, like coworking spaces, non-profits could exchange work for usage of space.

A win-win for both parties, Creative Connections works to create partnerships, works to maintain, and sustain the creative solutions so communities can work together to accomplish their goals.  

This is what inspired it all...

Audrey Brazeel