What is Service Learning?

Service Learning

Targeting all Educational Standards

One project at a time

Service-learning is an educational approach that can be implemented in all disciplines with all ages. Service learning is great for project based learning and can be hands-on, collaborative, and require action-based participation from students and from the facilitator. Service-learning typically utilizes a scientific research-methods based process requiring students to critically think about identifying a problem and plan how they wish to solve this problem. The process is often times much more valuable than the outcome with many service-learning projects. Reflection is key for students to truly understand their impact. 

I have been trained in Service-Learning on an academic level, and practical level creating programs and curriculum for K-12th grade students. In addition to this, all programs have involved undergraduate students incorporating an inter-generational approach. I have played a vital role in establishing mutually beneficial partnerships between colleges and non-profit organizations and schools. I have created programs that use dance, visual art, and media as vehicles for teaching service-learning, civic engagement, and social change and I am willing to share program descriptions, examples of past projects, and curriculum with any interested audiences.

If interested in collaborating or using one of my programs for your own school, classroom, or organization please contact me at AudreyEBrazeel@gmail.com. 

I have transformed one of my Service-Learning programs into a course, teaching others how to teach dance to youth using positive youth development and empowerment approaches. Check out Dance for Social Change on Facebook for more information.

Audrey Brazeel