Social Responsibility: The Hype is REAL

Social Responsibility is not just a trend, it's a way of life.

What Social Responsibility can do for your company:
When businesses invest in the success of their local community, they will see a return on their investment. Companies will attract a new customer base, recruit and retain quality employees, and create new opportunities through collaboration. Supporting local non-profit agencies will benefit your companies reputation and support your bottom line.

Audrey Brazeel, with Creative Connections works with companies looking to incorporate social responsibility as a core value of their organization. Whether the company needs help with coordinating a volunteer-day for employees, or seeking to build a few long-lasting relationships with local non-profit organizations, she can help your company think critically about what you want to do to make an impact.

There are OOdles of benefits for being socially responsible; not only for you but also for your bottom line.

Increase your company's visibility and expand your network. Be known as a company that invests in the growth and overall health of the community. Support a local school, participate in a environmental service project, fund a program that helps homeless veterans. Create a positive marketing opportunity while making an impact! 

Attract more customers, clients, and consumers.

The conscious consumer is looking for socially responsible companies to give their business to.

Recruit and retain quality employees. People want to work for companies that prioritize making a positive impact on the community and in return, companies who take pride in serving others, will recruit and retain the right people.


Audrey Brazeel