2018 Projects

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Empowerment Center of East County

Lafayette, CO.


The Empowerment Center of East County  also known as (EC)^2, cultivates the inherent capacities of young people and their families to create positive social change in themselves and their home communities through the arts, community-based learning, and leadership opportunities. (EC)^2 is located in Lafayette, Colorado.

Audrey's role:

Starting in 2012, Audrey was brought on to the (EC)^2 team as a Program Director and in 2016 became an Organizational Change Management Consultant to create strategic partnerships for the organization from 2016-2017. After moving from Colorado to Austin, Texas she virtually consults with the Board of Directors and is the organizations virtual Marketing Coordinator.


Dance Another World

Austin, TX.


Code NextGen

Austin, TX.

Dance Another World is a community based non-profit organization in Austin, Texas. Dance Another World's programs use dance and movement as a vehicle to teach English to English Language Learners in Austin Independent School District. DAW primarily serves low income schools in an after-school programmatic setting, offers school-day programs as an elective course, and hosts annual showcases and free events for the Austin community at large.

Audrey's role:

Starting in the fall of 2017, Audrey piloted a strategic partnership between Dance Another World (DAW) and Corazon Latino (CL) Dance Studio in South Austin. Starting off as a volunteer, Audrey coordinated space sharing and staff sharing arrangements between DAW and CL to foster a mutually beneficial opportunity for both parties to retain teachers and provide them with (non-competing) opportunities to make additional income. Audrey is now working with DAW, as a leadership and organizational development consultant while DAW grows and expands it's mission to impact communities overseas!

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Organization's Mission: As a local Austin, start-up non profit, Code NextGen is currently defining it's mission, read about what Code NextGen plans to do by 2019 HERE.

Audrey's role:  Program and Curriculum Design, August 2018 - Project Based Contractor