Learn to Teach Youth Dance!


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What is A Dance for Social Change class?

Dance for Social Change Classes are facilitated by Audrey Brazeel at Corazon Latino Dance Studio on a monthly basis starting in March 2018 (details TBA).


Anyone who is interested in teaching young people and aspiring teachers. Participants will specifically learn how to teach any age and any genre of dance but the content covered can be applied for any situation working with all young people K-12th grade in various academic and non-academic environments.  

What are the classes like?

During the class we will have large and small group discussions, live demonstrations, and hands-on development of skills such as planning, practicing instruction, and creating your own materials for your unique teaching position (or future position). Live feedback will be given and a comfortable atmosphere that is open to collaboration and building community with one another. 

WHat will we learn ?

Classes will include thorough coverage of topics selected by the group. The following topics are covered upon request by participants. Up to three topics can be covered in a 1.5-2 hour class and every topic will be personalized to fit the attendees teaching experience, class dynamic, age group preference, etc.

  • Developmental learning stages for all ages for children
  • Structuring your class, creating community, and designing your class- per age group
  • Planning backwards and long term planning
  • Planning a dance class unit
  • Teaching and learning methods, skills, tips and tricks for student engagement  
  • Discipline and positive framing 
  • Addressing body image and social issues in dance and music
  • Cultural and historical understanding of dance genres and popular music
  • Group dynamics and problem solving between kids, parents, and staff 
  • Planning your own event, celebration, performance, with any age, budget, space 
  • Marketing and creating graphics for events, classes, etc. - website building and graphic design
  • Attendees choice! 

What are the benefits to taking DSC Classes?

1. Attendees of DSC classes have the opportunity to receive an official Dance for Social Change Certificate of Completion stating that you have completed introductory courses on the above topics increasing your qualifications to teach young people and get a position!

2. Every attendee will be qualified for a 50% discounted rate on the Dance for Social Change curriculum. 

3.  In addition, attendees can complete an exit interview with Audrey and if approved, she will stand as a reference for your future job interviews.

What is the cost?

Each class is $35.00/person

Where and when?

Classes will be held at Corazon Latino Dance Studio in South Austin

 500 W William Cannon Dr Ste 400
Austin, TX 78745