Generation Nanny- the book!

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Here's my first attempt at a teaser... Hope you enjoy!

"My parents didn’t send their daughter to college so I could become a nanny. None of my Anthropology degree required changing diapers, folding laundry, or how to navigate awkward conversations with Dads, but if I want to move out of my parents house before I turn 30, I have to get creative..."

Through a series of adventures from the beaches of California to styrofoam cups in Mississippi, Audrey meanders through her 20’s as a nanny for 10 families of various status, structure, and stability. Resorting to a timeless domestic role to cope with high unemployment rates and even higher rent prices, Generation Nanny highlights an experience shared by many millennial women in America. This seemingly current experience also transcends time- dedicated to her mother's nanny who raised her in the deep South, Audrey tells a story about Women of all generations, races, and walks of life and their will to care for others. In an age where women are using their voice to ignite change, this book reveals a universal truth that when women bind together to support each other’s families, careers, and lives, anything is possible.



As a first time author, Audrey has been working on Generation Nanny for the last 3 years. The release of this book stands as a major personal accomplishment, and writing it has given her the purpose she is in fact searching for throughout her book. Audrey has always been a floater, jumping from job to job and place to place. As she bounces from one thing to the next, she considers every experience as research; meeting people is her way of collecting data and writing is her outlet to share her findings. 

As she approaches her 30th birthday this year, she hopes publishing her work will help her to put her 20's to rest and allow her to embrace the next decade. She hopes her book will help other 20-somethings embrace the mundane service jobs that are often done to pass the time as purposeful moments meant to teach and lead us closer to our destinations. 

She is originally from Colorado, where she earned her Bachelors in Anthropology and Ethnic Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder and earned a Masters degree in 2017 for Teaching and Learning with a focus in Organizational Leadership and Change Management. Today, Audrey is living in Austin Texas with her Fiancé where she currently works for a school and continues her pursuit to land a career enhancing position in education.