Synopsis - "Just a Nanny"

Generation Nanny is the true story of a Millennial woman’s journey as she searches for her life’s purpose. 

Audrey began writing this book as a therapeutic journal assigned by a counselor. As she tries to grapple with life’s disappointments and tries to navigate the arduous journey of her 20's, her reflective practice morphed into a series of narrative stories about human connection, recognition and privilege, perseverance, and the strength of women. 

Like every other Millennial, Audrey just wanted to make an impact.

As a social-science degree graduate, she could care less about making a living but was focused on  changing the world. While everyone was nannying, busing tables, and going back for a second degree, Audrey was working for nonprofits. But feel-good work comes with financial sacrifice and the strain of sustaining the “do good” lifestyle started to create a bitter taste in her mouth (and her father's, since he was footing most of her bills). 
So like any good Millennial does, when the going got tough... she ran the other way. 
Quitting all her impactful jobs, she turned to nannying as her income-placeholder while pursuing her getaway plan. Running from decision making, disappointment, and adulting, her nannying back-up plan began to transform into her lifestyle, spending the following 3 years subsequently nannying for 7 families in a row, traveling across the country, all while channeling the spirit of her mother’s nanny.

People spend their lives trying to find their purpose.

We search for purpose through our career choices, our relationships, religion, family, art or hobbies. Growing up in the digital age, Millennials have been bombarded with examples of ultimate success and thus they have created a romanticized idea of what it means to make an impact. Not everyone can become the CEO of a company and not everyone can start their own NGO to solve world hunger. We have come to believe that if we are not making a notable, shareable, recognizable impact, our life somehow lacks meaning. 

Generation Nanny redefines what it means to make an impact in today’s world.

As Audrey discovers the importance of simply caring for others, she confronts and analyzes her own privilege, race, culture, and class while shining a light on the generations of nannies that have come before her. 

In an age where women are using their voice to ignite change, this book reveals a universal truth that when women bind together to support each other’s families, careers, and lives, anything is possible. 

This book seeks to contextualize the current state of the American childcare system and the intersectionality of women's careers, family planning, and women's pursuit for equality in the worldplace. Readers will take away relatable stories of self-discovery and purpose that recognize privilege and ignite pride in every role we have as women…

even if you are "just a nanny".