Organizational Development

Audrey has been involved with a small community organization in Lafayette, Colorado since 2012. Her involvement started as an Educator, developing quickly into a Program Director, and later serving as an Organizational Change Management Consultant (2016-2017). She has built and designed curriculum and programs, establish community partners, helped hire staff and volunteers, and has contributed significantly to the overall success of this small community-based organization.

Despite our financial challenges as a small community-based non-profit and the continuous turnover in Leadership, Audrey’s consistent involvement is one of the reasons the organization continued to have a positive presence in the community.  
— Board Member

Here's the story...

From 2016-2017 Audrey worked full time with The Empowerment Center of East County, also known as (EC)^2, while they underwent a re-branding and organizational development period. Building systems and procedures for the organization, Audrey devoted all of her Organizational Leadership and Change Management coursework with Colorado State University, Global Campus to benefit this organization.

As an Organizational Change Management Consultant, her goal was to build a solid foundation for the organization and thus she developed a strategic community partnership with a for-profit, small business in the community (Confluence Small Business Collective). This partnership not only helped to support the mission and purpose of the organization, but it also addressed one of the biggest challenges both small organizations were facing; staffing and limited operational capacity.

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This concept inspired her current work with

Creative Connections

Upon finishing her graduate work with Colorado State University, Global Campus in the summer 2017, Audrey left her position with (EC)^2 but continues her involvement with the organization from Austin, Texas as a volunteer staff member, advocate, and mentor to her former students.

Take a critical look with Audrey Brazeel, Masters student of Teaching and Learning and Organization Leadership and Change Management with CSU Global, as she presents a decision making process that will allow a small non-profit organization to expand it’s capacity for retaining quality employees by partnering with a small business.